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Martin Costa

Westport, Massachusetts

Gayle Hays

Martin is a life-long resident of Westport, Massachusetts, and his love for the town shines! He started a volunteer litter clean-up program, Clean our Westport (COW) in response to the
amount of trash on the community roadsides. Martin solicited sponsors from local businesses, arranged road assignments for volunteers as well as drivers to pick up the filled trash bags. He staffed the check in table and picked up trash himself despite being disabled from a life-altering spinal cord injury when a tree limb fell on his back many years ago. Every year, Martin joins with the committee to enlist two hundred town residents to clean the streets of roadside litter, filling several large dumpsters. This group has picked up over one hundred cubic yards over the past three years, beautifying the area, building camaraderie within the community, and setting a positive example for all. In a small town like Westport, Martin is well known and respected. His fortitude, “can do” attitude, and enthusiasm encourages other older adults to get involved.